The Founding Fathers may have dreamed up the greatest democracy since Ancient Greece, but they also drank constantly and smelled like trash.

For a week each year, the villagers of Todos Santos, Guatemala, get wasted and race horses. Sometimes people fall, sometimes people die. I decided to join them.

Bernard Poolman tried to remake himself as the next L. Ron Hubbard and failed gloriously.

For five days, everything I ate, drank, and watched either had Trump's name or face on it. Here's what I learned about the orange man's neuroses.

"I died on August 19, 2011, near my house in Mesa, Arizona. I was not in my body, I was not with my body, I was not part of my body, but for a while I was still somehow aware of it all."

The greatest competitive eater of all time showed me how it's done.

I sampled food from restaurants that have fallen afoul of the Health Department, and enjoyed almost all of it. Then I puked.

A beer suicide is a mixture of all the drafts together in one glass. Sometimes it's dark, sometimes it's fruity, but it's always weird as hell.

There has been lots of talk on the internet lately about Haribo sugarfree gummy bears and how they make you make shit like a madman. It's all true.